Weld Inspection, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, NDT Testing, Third party and Welder Training and Certification (plate or pipe on all metals)

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing: Fluorescent and Visible
  • Magnetic Particle Testing: Fluorescent and Visible
  • Ultrasonic Testing: Contact  Shear wave (A-Scan)
  • Radiographic Testing: X-Ray and Gamma Ray
  • Electromagnetic Testing (Eddy Current)
  • AWS Certified Weld Inspection (CWI)
  • AWS Certified Weld Educator (CWE)
  • Leak Testing: Bubble Leak
  • Visual Testing: Direct and Remote (including Borescope)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
    • Weld Procedure Qualification
    • Welder Qualification


    • NDT Level III Consulting
    • Welding Consulting
    • Metallurgical Engineering

    Training Courses

    • Liquid Penetrant Testing I/II
    • Magnetic Particle Testing I/II
    • Ultrasonic Testing I/II
    • Eddy Current Testing I/II
    • Radiographic Testing I/II
    • Radiation Safety
    • Phased Array Testing
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing I/II
    • Visual Testing I/II
    • Certified Welding Inspection (CWI) Exam Prep
    • Bubble Leak Testing
    • NDT 101
    • Level III Review/Exam Prep
    • Qualification Exams such as General, Specific and Practical per SNT-TC-1A or CP-189
    • ICC Bolting, Structural Steel and Fireproofing with plan reading
    • Welder training courses tailored to the individual experience
    • SMAW, FCAW ,GMAW, GTAW in plate and pipe with all metals such as carbon, stainless, inconel, duplex, etc.
    • Test and Certify welders to any code AWS D1.1 , AWS D1.3, AWS D1.4, AWS D1.5. AWS D1.8 , AWS B2.1 , API 1104, ASME Section IX ,etc.